Felder AD531 Thicknesser Planer


Felder AD531 Thicknesser Planer :      $13,684 AUD ($15,052 Inc. GST)

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    Electrical Phase:
    Single Phase
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    Felder AD531

    Please download PDF sheet for available machine options

    Toolless knife adjustment with an accuracy of .1 mm. This is a ­standard feature of your Felder machine.
    The Felder-system cutterblock: 2- or 4-knife cutterblock, Quick and effortless knife change, Self aligning knives are perfectly set each and every time! , No resin buildup on clamping bolts, Extremely quiet operation due to the enclosed design, Excellent durability of knife edges, Cost savings due to the 2 sided low cost knives.

    Perfect planing technology
    2 Spring-loaded pressure bars prevent “chattering” of very thin workpieces ­during thicknessing.

    Dust extraction hood
    Heavy chip loads are no problem for the chip extraction hood due to its efficient design and large dimension.

    Adjust the depth of cut.
    Quick and accurate adjustment of cutting depth from the operator side of the infeed table.

    Thickness planing
    The maximum thicknessing height of 220 mm permits the processing of large and heavy workpieces. If desired, the ­digital handwheel can be used to adjust the height of the thicknessing table with an accuracy of .1mm.

    Professional planer fence
    The joining fence can be tilted to any angle between 90° and 45°. There are positive stops at 90° and 45°. The exceptional space-saving design of the planer fence makes it possible to place your planer-thicknesser against the workshop wall and still use the entire planing width.

    Increase your working surface area as needed – Felder System Table Extensions.
    Since their invention in 1969, Felder system table extensions have become a very common and useful choice for Felder owners. Within seconds and without the use of tools you are able to increase the working surface of your Felder, by up to 1000 mm!

    The horizontal mortiser (Optional)
    The horizontal mortiser is mounted on the planer side. An optional ­dowelling device can be added to increase the mortiser capability.

    Technical details:
    4.0 HP available in single phase too as an option ( 5.5 HP optional)
    Surface plaining width in mm 310
    Maximum depth of cut in mm 5mm
    Surface planer fence anodised
    Additional table for planer fence
    Planer guard EURO “Standard”
    Planer guard EURO “Comfort” (Optional)
    2-knife Felder-system cutterblock (4-knife Optional)
    4-knife Standard-knife cutterblock (Optional)
    3-knife TERSA cutterblock (Optional)

    Thickness Planer and Feed Drive
    Thickness planing width in mm 306mm
    Maximum depth of cut in mm 5
    Digital display for thicknessing height in mm (Optional)
    Digital display for thicknessing height in inch (Optional)
    Synchronized feeder drive 6 m/min

    Mortising Unit (Optional)
    Mortising chuck, clamping range 0–16 mm
    Transport unit for mortising table is available
    Hammer or Felder mortising unit can be used on this machine

    Important Accessories (Optional)
    Rolling carriage
    Coupling system for table extension (only needed for thicknessing table)

    Working height in mm 890
    Min. transport width in mm (without option 012) 700mm
    Extractor connection port diameter in mm on Planer/Thicknesser 120mm
    Weight, kg (with standard equipment) 400

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