Format4 Kappa 550 e-motion Sliding Table Panel Saw by Felder


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    Felder kappa 550 e-motion Sliding Table Panel Saw (CNC)

    New! Scoring unit park position

    Removing the scoring unit when using large diameter saw blades is no longer necessary! The new Format-4 parks the scoring blade at the touch of a button, leaving enough space for a large diameter blade, and in doing so, saves valuable production time. Additionally the park position also protects the scoring blade from resin.

    New! 3 axis scoring unit "Control"

    The scoring unit blade width and height adapt automatically to the stored tool information and thus to the respective teeth width of the main saw blade. Any changes to these standard scoring settings can be saved and retrieved when using the same tool in the future.

    New! Change the saw blade without tools!

    Fast, uncomplicated and totally without tools: Changing the saw blade on the new Format-4 machine is incredibly simple.

    Thanks to the locking system, the flange can be tightened and released by hand. The tool-free adjustment of the riving knife is carried out with a clamp lever.

    New! The new sliding table with "X-Roll"

    X-Roll, making a difference:
    - Extremely smooth and precise sliding action! With the roller-bearing system there is no single point of contact between bearings and guiding track, maximising precision over the lifetime of the machine. A 3 way dust protection system ensures clean, dust free guide rails. This is obtained through silicon wipers, brushes and concave tracks. Your X-Roll sliding table guidance system is backed by a 6 year factory guarantee.
    - Clean, dust-free gui­de rails thanks to special silicon wipers.
    - Hardened-steel tracks ensure accuracy and durability.
    - 6 year guarantee.

    New, ergonomic handles

    Remote on buttons for the main saw blade and scoring unit are perfectly integrated

    New! Large cutting depth, even with a scoring unit

    With the new kappa 550 you can dramatically increase the cutting height of your panel saw. The kappa 550 gives you 202 mm at 90° and 141 mm at 46°. When you are looking at premium class panel saws, these are the figures you should be searching for!

    New! Integrated tooling storage in the machine chassis

    Being organised saves time!
    There is a well designed storage area for up to 5 saw blades built in the machine. This means that your blades are always at hand, for quick changeover and reduction in lost production time.

    New! X-Roll outrigger table

    The 8x ball bearings, integrated guide rollers and bearings of the outrigger table ensure an incredibly smooth operation upon maximum loading capacity. The bearing rail is moved along a X-Roll guiding system and is fast and micro-adjustable. The LED display enables you to set the required angle to one tenth of a degree.

    New! Parallelogram outrigger table

    Infinite adjustment range -45° to +45°. The LED display enables you to set the required angle to one tenth of a degree. Mitre length compensation is done via the vernier scale with the standard fence, with the CNC crosscut fence the length compensation is automatic.

    New! Parking the outrigger

    The outrigger table can be swung out of the way with ease! No more time consuming, complicated assembling and disassembling of the outrigger table! The outrigger table swing away system on the new kappa 550 ensures extreme ease of use and at the same time can provide you with extra working space when you need it.

    New! Spraying equipment for the processing of non-ferrous metals and plastics

    Your Format-4 can be optionally fittedwith a spraying unit. High performance lubricating oil can be sprayed onto the saw blade, transported via piping from the spraying unit.

    Large dimensioned saw arbor with double bearing seats

    Absolute vibration-free machining Incredible power transmission due to the ultra efficient Poly-V-belt drive technology

    Zero point tilt

    - Zero point tilt from 0–46 degrees
    - 200 mm of cutting depth at 90 degrees
    - 140 mm of cutting height at 45 degrees

    New! Saw unit with “Easy-Glide” tilt segment guiding system

    - High precision double-sided support system
    - High load-bearing capacity and operating life
    - Play-free tilt
    - Unaffected by dust
    - Completely maintenance free
    - No lubrication required
    - 6-year guarantee

    New! The telescopic crosscut fence

    - The fence profile has been designed without a groove, this means that mitred pieces will sit perfectly and accurately against the fence.
    - Ball bearing telescopic extension for easy

    New! Electronic crosscut fence

    - Electronic crosscut fence with 2 crosscut stops and extendable to a maximum of 3400 mm
    - Automatic angle/length compensation

    New! Rip fence with position control

    - Optional with the kappa 550 and the x-motion
    - Standard on the e-motion model

    New! The TFT control panel with touch screen function

    CNC-drive control unit with 10.4” (264 mm) TFT screen situated in the overhead-control panel

    New! Ardis Cutting Optimisation Software

    All processing phases can be carried out quickly, efficiently and centrally as a result of the integration of the Format-4 cutting optimisation system into the machine and operating concept. Training is not necessary as the user interface is intuitive, clear and easy to use.

    New! Overhead saw guard with dust extraction from below the table

    The newly developed overhead saw guard and dust removal system deliver perfect extraction results. The overhead saw guard, with its striking design, runs on linear guides and thus helps to facilitate the height adjustment. The dust and shavings are sucked from the saw guard into the extraction pipe via a short hose. The dust extraction below the table encloses the complete saw unit. The dust channel is the perfect design to provide an optimum air flow and perfect main blade and scoring unit extraction results.

    New! The new saw unit “200”

    The newly developed Format-4 table unit made from cast iron offers not only high performance and precision but also extreme smoothness and vibration absorption.
    - 3 axis scoring unit “Control”
    - Scoring unit park position
    - Change the saw blade without tools!
    - Large cutting depth, even with a scoring unit
    - Spraying equipment for the processing of non-ferrous metals and plastics
    - Saw unit with “Easy-Glide” tilt segment guiding system
    - Zero point tilt
    - Large dimensioned saw arbor with double bearing seats

    New! Label printer

    When used in conjunction with the Ardis cutting optimisation software, you can print labels to code each workpiece

    New! Bar code scanner

    When processing work pieces after they have been cut using an edgebander or CNC machine, the labels with bar code will help to increase the efficiency of your production

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