Felder MPP 60 briquetting press Mutek


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    MPP 60
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    Mutek briquetting press

    Mütek Briquetting presses of the MPP series have been developed for briquetting of shavings, chips and dusts from wood materials.
    These high performance machines are built in a robust design which guarantees a constant quality of the briquettes in continuous operation.
    The press will produce briquettes from shavings, chips and dusts without using any additive or glue, and only by hydraulic compression! The volume of the material which will be used can be reduced down to a 10 to 1 ratio. This is depending on the material! The maximum humidity of the material should not exceed over 18% ATRO.
    The hopper of the Mütek briquetting press can be fed by hand and has a content of 0,6 – 1 m³. It is possible to mount a extraction unit for example the Felder RL 200 machine on top of the hopper, so you do not need to empty the bags of the extracting unit by hand.
    The hopper has an auger on the bottom to bring the material in to the pre-compression channel.
    The auger fills the pre-compression channel continuously with chips. The hydraulic pre-compression cylinder does the pre-compression and brings the material to the main compression cylinder.
    The main cylinder compacts the material with help of the hydraulic calliper to briquettes. When the briquette is made, the calliper opens and the briquette will come out of the machine.
    Mütek briquetting presses are provided with a dust proof panel. The length of the briquettes are between 30 - 60 mm depending on the material.
    Advantages of making briquettes:
    - Simple and secure storage
    - Minimizing the storage space
    - Minimizing the explosion danger-no dust around
    - Reducing the costs for disposal of waste
    - 2.2 KG of the Briquettes matches the heating value of 1 litre oil

    technical data:
    capacity: 30 - 60 kg/h
    briquette dia: 50mm
    motor: 5.5 hp
    size: 1680x1100x1500 mm
    weight: 680 kg

    Ask us for more information about our machine; we can advise you on what you can do with your waste material.

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